The photo above left shows me and a fellow engineer at an AMS/Neve DFC console at the former Warner-Hollywood Studio A. The photo on the right is the Todd-AO Scoring Stage on the CBS Radford lot. I was involved in the remodel of that studio in 1992.

I first became interested in recording as a kid in the '60s when I was given an old broken Wollensak reel-to-reel recorder. I managed to fix it and I was truly and forever smitten with all things involved in making and recording music. During the '70s I managed to get my hands on a TEAC 3340 4-track (I still have it), then an 8- track machine, and so on. My personal project studio is forever evolving, it is now equipped with Pro Tools, a Pro Control console, and a closet full of cool mics.

Here are a few samples of music I've recorded over the years, mostly in my own studio or live on stage: